Ripple effects

Ripple effects of childhood lead poisoning

In addition to causing health and behavioral problems in children, lead poisoning may result in serious costs to both a child's future and to society.

Lead Poisoning Prevention for Pregnant and Parenting Teens

A three-part video series in pictures and voice over (see playlist below) that explains what lead poisoning is, its serious effects, and how pregnant and parenting teens can protect themselves and their children during pregnancy and after birth.

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The scourge of lead poisoning
Sunday, February 07, 2016
The outrage over Flint, Michiganís contaminated water supply should serve as a wakeup call about the problem of lead poisoning more broadly and its sources. †While attention should not/cannot move away from Flint, fixing Flint’s pipes will not be sufficient … Continue reading
Federal Housing Policy Leaves Poor Kids at Risk
Sunday, January 31, 2016
A case of childhood lead poisoning in Chicago’s public housing highlights the risks inherent in old housing, poorly maintained, with weak enforcement of existing laws and gaps in existing federal regulations.
The Chicago Tribune series shines a light on childhood lead poisoning
Sunday, January 31, 2016
Thanks to the†Chicago Tribune for its series shining a light on childhood lead poisoning. This is one of the few causes of social and learning problems we know how to solve, yet we have not provided adequate resources to get … Continue reading
Chicago Tribune series focuses on childhood lead poisoning
Sunday, January 31, 2016
The Chicago Tribune series on childhood lead poisoning over the summer of 2015 explored†the toxic legacy of lead as a factor in urban violence and troubled schools, and what Chicago could be doing to prevent lead poisoning, before it happens.
Flint, Michigan struggles with lead poisoned water as a result of environmental racism
Sunday, January 31, 2016
As news outlets across the country begin to follow the story of lead poisoning in Flint, Michigan as a result of poor decision making and indifference to a poor and minority†community, the Columbia Journalism Review profiles how an investigative journalist … Continue reading
US Appeals Court reinstates Wisconsin lead paint lawsuit
Friday, July 25, 2014
The US Appeals Court for the 7th Circuit reinstated Wisconsin lead paint law suit. A boy who suffered lead poisoning can sue a half-dozen major manufacturers of paint used on the Milwaukee house where he lived, based on a theory … Continue reading
To Help Children Learn, Get the Lead Out
Thursday, May 16, 2013
“Sometimes we fail to look for causes in conspicuous places. As we seek out reasons why our children are having trouble learning in school, tens of thousands of our kids’ futures are being cut down because, in their younger years, … Continue reading

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Lead Safe Illinois is a campaign to eliminate lead poisoning in Illinois. Our efforts include raising awareness and advocating for legislation and policy reform to prevent childhood lead poisoning.

Lead Safe Illinois is convened by the
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Childhood Lead Poisoning: A Historical Perspective

Toddler with hand in mouth

Preparing for a new baby

Expectant parents can take several steps to protect themselves and their babies from lead hazards.

How to prepare for a new baby
Testing blood lead levels

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Download the Benchbook on Lead Paint Poisoning, which outlines Chicago and Illinois laws, and learn about state and federal laws on lead poisoning.

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