If your home has a lead hazard

If an inspection finds a lead hazard, the state or local Department of Public Health serves a mitigation notice on the property owner. This notice tells the owner that he or she is required to fix the lead hazard, and how long he or she has to complete it. The property owner is required to notify all tenants of the hazard by posting a notice of lead hazards in common areas of the building.

State or local Department of Public Health representatives must be allowed to inspect homes and take samples for lead testing to ensure the safety of children living in the building. The city or state can go to court and request a warrant if an owner is unwilling to have the property tested for lead.

Tenants living in federally owned or subsidized housing have a right to live in an environment free of lead hazards. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) Lead-Safe Housing Rule requires the inspection and removal of all lead hazards in housing units regulated under this rule.

Notifying landlords about possible lead in the home

In Illinois, tenants should notify their landlords in writing, if possible, as soon as they see signs of lead hazards. Some of these signs can include any chipping, peeling, or flaking paint.

Chicago requires property owners to maintain their properties as lead-safe. In Chicago, tenants are required by law to give landlords reasonable access to their dwelling units so that landlords can do all that is required of them by law to prevent lead hazards.

In those federally owned or assisted housing units that require ongoing lead-based paint maintenance, federal law requires property owners to give tenants a notice asking them to report deteriorated paint or failed encapsulation.

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