If your child has been poisoned

Under Illinois Rules, any home with a child under 6 years old in residence must be inspected for lead if:

  • the child has a blood lead level at or above 20 µg/dL; or
  • the child has three blood lead levels in a row of 1519 µg/dL; or
  • the child has a single confirmed blood lead level at or above 10 µg/dL and the child's physician requests an investigation; or
  • the child is less than 3 years of age and has a single confirmed blood lead level at or above 10 µg/dL.

When a mitigation notice is issued for a dwelling unit inspected as a result of an elevated blood lead level in a pregnant woman or a child, or if the dwelling unit is occupied by a child under 6 years of age or a pregnant woman, the owner shall mitigate the hazard within 30 days of receiving the notice; otherwise, the owner shall complete the mitigation within 90 days.

When mitigation notices are issued for 2 or more dwelling units in a building within a 5-year time period, the Department may inspect common areas in the building and must inspect units where (i) children under the age of 6 years reside, if the parent or guardian requests an inspection, or (ii) a pregnant woman resides in the unit and requests an inspection. These lead hazards must be mitigated in a reasonable time frame.

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