When property owners are required to mitigate or eliminate lead hazards

Under Illinois Rules any home with a child in residence must be inspected for lead if:

  • the child has a blood lead level at or above 20 µg/dL; or
  • the child has three blood lead levels in a row of 15–19 µg/dL; or
  • the child has a single confirmed blood lead level at or above 10 ?g/dL and the child's physician requests an investigation; or
  • the child is less than 3 years of age and has a single confirmed blood lead level at or above 10 µg/dL; or
  • mitigation notices are issued for two or more dwelling units in a building within a five year time period, the Department may inspect common areas in the building and shall inspect units where children under the age of 6 reside, at the request of a parent or guardian of the child, or where a pregnant woman resides, at the pregnant woman's request.

Children under the age of three who meet the above criteria will have priority for home inspections over older children.

If a lead hazard exists, the Department of Public Health (IDPH or CDPH) serves a mitigation notice on the property owner. This notice tells the owner that he or she is required to fix the lead hazard, and how long he or she has to complete it. The property owner is required to notify all tenants of the hazard by posting a notice of lead hazards in common areas of the building.

IDPH or CDPH representatives are authorized to inspect homes and take samples for lead testing to ensure the safety of children living in the building. The city or state can apply for a warrant if an owner is unwilling to have the property tested for lead.

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