Family safety

Baby with thumb in mouth

Preparing for a baby

Expectant parents can take several steps to protect themselves and their babies from lead hazards.

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Keeping your children safe from lead hazards

There are several ways to reduce your child’s lead exposure at home.

Doctor, mom, and baby

Testing for lead poisoning

Testing your child's blood for lead is the best way to tell if there's too much lead in his or her body.

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Keep your kids safe by:

  • Covering holes in walls
  • Wash children's toys
  • Wash children's hands and faces often
  • Serve and store food in lead-free containers
  • Avoid folk medicines and cosmetics containing lead

More tips for keeping kids safe

Additional information for…
Property owners
  • The do's and don'ts of home renovation
  • What to look for in a lead contractor
  • How to find a lead contractor
  • Required disclosures to tenants
  • Right of inspection
  • Right of notification of lead hazards
  • Notifying landlords about possible lead in homes
  • If a landlord won't address a lead hazard
Childcare providers
  • Childcare provider responsibilities
  • Educational information
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