Lead facts

Ripple effects

Ripple effects of childhood lead poisoning

In addition to causing health and behavioral problems in children, lead poisoning may also result in serious costs to both a child’s future and to society.

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Sources of lead poisoning

Lead laws ban lead in residential paint, but lead hazards still exist in and around many homes built before 1978.

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Lead poisoning is preventable

Properly identifying and removing lead hazards before a child is exposed to them prevents lead poisoning.

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Additional information for…
Property owners
  • The do's and don'ts of home renovation
  • What to look for in a lead contractor
  • How to find a lead contractor
  • Required disclosures to tenants
  • Right of inspection
  • Right of notification of lead hazards
  • Notifying landlords about possible lead in homes
  • If a landlord won't address a lead hazard
Childcare providers
  • Childcare provider responsibilities
  • Educational information
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